Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires

Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

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Experience South America!

Warm weather and rhythmic beats make for the perfect holiday. Take a world trip through South America to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro and sip cocktails on the tropical beaches of Copacabana or Ipanema. Continue your trip to Buenos Aires for a visit to the Plaza del Mayo, one of the world’s loveliest squares or discover the narrow streets and exquisite cafés of the San Telmo district. Be sure to watch a real Argentinean tango show to complete your trip.

Map showing the flight route to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires from Amsterdam

Highlights of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires

  • Cityscape, Buenos Aires Cityscape, Buenos Aires
  • Helicopter view, La Boca Helicopter view, La Boca
  • The tiled steps at Lapa, Rio de Janeiro The tiled steps at Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

Activities per city

La Boca, Buenos Aires La Boca, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is also known as the Paris of South America, partly due to its lively restaurants serving delicious wines and divine Argentinean cuisine. Meander through the small streets of the old Palermo Viejo district and enjoy the lively Plaza de Mayo and impressive San Martín square. Explore the antiques shops of San Telmo or discover the futuristic buildings in the new Puerto Madero district. Attending a milonga, a typical tango evening, completes your visit to Buenos Aires. Experience how everyone, young and old alike, is an expert at this passionate dance, and make Buenos Aires a festive part of your world trip.

Cityscape, Rio de Janeiro Cityscape, Rio de Janeiro


The most famous Carnival in the world, the best beaches, and a city jungle: discover the versatility of Rio de Janeiro! The Lapa neighbourhood, in the city centre, has a lively atmosphere 24/7, with both interesting tourist attractions and a vibrant nightlife filled with the sounds of Samba. Rio is situated on a bay, which means the sea is always nearby. The beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema are extremely popular, while Tijuca National Park offers a piece of paradise right in the heart of this great metropolis. Cristo Redentor, the giant statue of Christ, will watch over you during your stay. Rio is an amazing destination on your world trip.

Flights and fares

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