Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile Cable car

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Experience South America!

Prepare yourself for a sensational journey through swinging South America. Start your trip in Buenos Aires, where the tango resounds in the streets of San Telmo, and visit the lovely Plaza del Mayo and the presidential palace, Casa Rosada. Continue your travels to Chile and its vibrant capital Santiago, situated between the snowy mountain tops. Enjoy the colourful Chilean culture in its many museums and taste unique cuisine in top-quality restaurants. You might also head to the mountains for activities such as horse riding, kayaking, skiing and more!

Map showing the flight route to Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile from Amsterdam

Highlights of Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile

  • Andes Mountains, Santiago de Chile Andes Mountains, Santiago de Chile
  • Cityscape, Buenos Aires Cityscape, Buenos Aires
  • Helicopter view, La Boca Helicopter view, La Boca

Activities per city

La Boca, Buenos Aires La Boca, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is also known as the Paris of South America, partly due to its lively restaurants serving delicious wines and divine Argentinean cuisine. Meander through the small streets of the old Palermo Viejo district and enjoy the lively Plaza de Mayo and impressive San Martín square. Explore the antiques shops of San Telmo or discover the futuristic buildings in the new Puerto Madero district. Attending a milonga, a typical tango evening, completes your visit to Buenos Aires. Experience how everyone, young and old alike, is an expert at this passionate dance, and make Buenos Aires a festive part of your world trip.

Santiago de Chile Santiago de Chile


Nestled at the foot of the Andes, Santiago de Chile offers a wealth of art, culture and nature. One of the most charming neighbourhoods is Bellavista, with its mix of classic architecture, colourful houses and lots of green. Home to many restaurants, bars and clubs, the district comes alive at night. Phenomenal views await you at Cerro San Cristóbal, the green mountain in the centre of the city. Wine enthusiasts will love Santiago’s ideal location between several famous wine regions, and the city’s countless wine bars. Santiago de Chile offers plenty of variety for your world trip.

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